Inscol Academy - Chandigarh

Inscol Academy - Chandigarh

INSCOL Academy offer a wide range of programs that assist Nurses in enhancing their knowledge, skills and professional conduct & also provide exposure to the best International Nursing Practices.

Inscol Academy's Different Nursing Coursework

Pursuing a nursing career requires you to have different types of skills. This is essential even before you consider starting a nursing course work with inscol academy. You must have a caring nature in order to become a successful nursing professional. The basic traits required in a person aspiring to become a nursing professional include having a selfless approach, strong communication skills, jovial personality, presence of mind and respect towards rules and people.

There are many different courses offered by inscol academy to you when a nursing career is your dream. If you want to pursue a nursing career right after your senior secondary classes, you can enter a Bachelor of Nursing programme. This course work is mostly of 3 years duration. The programme is based upon philosophical basis where the focus is towards providing care and it has a strong base in science.


If you have completed the Diploma in Nursing programme, then you can enter the Bachelor Of Nursing Science programme in Inscol Academy which takes two years to complete. This programme is designed to build your existing knowledge base and skills, and to further your career in nursing.


The Master of Nursing programme is designed for those who have completed their Bachelor degree in Nursing and want to purse senior positions in the profession. This programme involves specific coursework or a combination of different coursework along with one major assignment. The Masters programme from inscol academy is of one year duration and it prepares you towards evidence based nursing and healthcare information.